KMSmicro v3.10

MTKMSmicro v3.10
Local KMS server to activate Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions Office 2010, Office 2013


Local KMS server to activate Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions
Office 2010, Office 2013

System requirements: Any PC/x86 compatible computer (even works inside a virtual machine) 200MB of space on the HDD, 350 MB RAM, a keyboard, a mouse is not required, works with flash.

Activating Windows:
1.Run 0-0-KMSmicro-normal.cmd, waiting for the server to boot. If for some reason the server is not starts, go to the folder and qemu-try to start it, the file there KMSdebug.cmd
2.Click “T” for time synchronization server.
3.Run the Administrator file Activation Helper v3.cmd (ActivAll.cmd or if the product key already installed) to activate the computer. All, the system is activated for 180 days.
Activation of Office 2010-2013:
Starting from v3.00 to KMSmicro integrated activation server Office 2010-2013. A new option, Google and specialized forums to help you, MDL forum :)

Activation can not occur for the following reasons:

1. Not installed / set the wrong product key
2. The counter activation server is not sufficient for a successful activation
(The counter is not “are wound”).
Carefully read the section “! Attention!”
3. The server was unable to connect to the computer, the computer is busy port 1688 other activators.
Remove all the “activators” and “cracks” for the Office of 2010-13.
4. Your time zone is different from the server settings.
Configure the server’s time zone.
5. Our KMSmicro v3.10 is not compatible with your computer.
This has never nebylo, then you are very unlucky: (
6. There has been something totally unforeseen, beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Work with the server, the basic commands:
“T” – Time synchronization server via the Internet.
“H” – Displays the status of the activation server Windows.
“O” – Displays the status of the server activated Office 2010.
“Z” – the time zone and time.
“S” – Server shutdown

Ctrl + Alt + U – aligns the server window, if you change it with the mouse;
Ctrl + Alt – switches the cursor to the window / of the window.

Tip: Use the mouse to the window server, you can not go at all, all commands are executed from the keyboard.

To work on the project was joined by experts from the MDL forum. Their achievements, extend and expand the basic functions of the system are located in the folder “MDL-forum”. They are good programmers and constantly improve the code of their programs. Feel free to use them in their work with the server.

! Attention!:
In your ChargerScriptsKMS are scripts for “cheating” on the server KMS.
Use them at your own risk! In their application installed on your computer the program may lose the license and activation. Wrapping counter KMS desirable use a computer with Windows 7-8 that does not have programs tying its activation to the computer hardware.

Example 1: Install Windows 8, cheat activation count on it, and then activate already set your favorite programs.
Example 2: Save Acronis-th C drive safely cheat on your server count computer (KMSmicro must be run from another drive) and restore the C drive from the file Acronis-image as well.

PS: Do KMS server address, port 1688. The server has access to the Internet to synchronize time.


Following the release of the first version of the activator in the network has a lot of clones of my build, with modifying system files and script files. Beware of fakes, if the of this clone is something you will “not” I, Ratiborus, is to blame. :)
New scripts, the latest changes, to discuss the work program can be on, new scripts can be found on MDL Forum.
Shoutout: “vincome”, “DM” with, Heldigard, ColdZero, s1ave77 with MDL Forum. You are an interesting case. And I use in my work your development.

Changes in version 3.10:
+ – Added support to activate Office 2013. (It was hard work :))
+ – Reduced the size of Server
+ – To change little something else :)

Activation of Office – Office 2010 & 2013 Install & Activate.txt


Download link :


KMSmicro v3.10

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