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INPAG Antivirus is a Freeware antivirus easy to use , Protect your computer from malicious virus attacks , INPAG ANTI VIRUS recommended For Indonesian anti-virus, Protecting Your PC Every Time, INPAG can Protect Your Computer From Malware Link, Potential, Porn, And Malicious.  Although for blocking Not Perfect But Can Protect Your Computer From URL What Not Trust.  And Capable of Protecting Children From Porn Links. More Better More Expert 

Feature :

A. Smart SCAN
New features of From INPAG  SMART SCAN it’s
Analyzing the Data Before The Scan To Jump In Inpag More Powerful
And accurate In Detecting File Virus

2. String Heuristical
This feature content To know whether the file in Normal Virus
Such File Or Virus Infection, And Automatically If Detected By

Spoiler title

3. Tig 5 siganture
There are others in the term checksum Inpag This is the method to two
in String Heuristical but the method is, Inpag Deliberately Seeking Calculations
The Taking of TIGER Ceksumer byte – byte This Very Special And Methods
A powerful tool for Detecting File System Absent in PE. Or file that is difficult to In Analysis In Tekhin Heristical PE.

4. Heuristical Icon
This time the target Level Scanning Over Towards The Virus – Virus That Much
Spread in Indonesia … Engineering This Is What The use of CMC Engineering Malware
Cleaner Or Created By AM Hirinx, this coincidence is the checksum Hirinx AM Personal Property
Then the knowledge in the Lower To Any Person who wish to learn
Engineering Target Here is SBG:
+ Cekking Icon
+ Icon Byte Cekking
Well On The Go 2 That is to calculate the checksum technique similar to the icon
CRC 32 But Take From Byte Header Only, So You Can Say It Is Techniques That You Can not deceived by Virus.

5. Heuristical ICON
This technique is No Different Techniques That Away From ICON Heuristical technique, however Heristical IMAGE This difference is the technique was so perfect Perfect … Able to Detect Virus File As:
- Trojan.GEN [Implasi]
- Gapetto
- Maleo.B
Why the technique is able to detect the virus files above … So Explanation Of I
Similar calculations of Reading Techniques In This Very Ceksumer Icon Extraordinary
Although only a fantastic And Format.Jpg And Virus. BMP Only the able in
This detection technique Pretty But You Can not swizzle By Virus …

6. ICON Ceksumer
the detection Ceksumer ICON, Doing the similar calculation with
MD5, however Fewer taking Byte ….
In these calculations can Heuristical ICON To Put Into Such detection
Can More Accurately … And The Making Little Byte At Icon, INPAG Able to scan files with Quick …

The detection method Heuristical, Heart 1 In System Heuristical INPAG …
In which his Tutor for By A.M Hirin …
This method is a method of the Smart Detection, Why smart? Because Taking a Byte File PE HEADER At Specific …, The Engineering is able to Detect File Inpag Virus Infections So Much In The World. With Target Detection Method In Engineering Pe Virus would be Very Accurate ….
8. Smart Real Time Protection
Usually if Antivirus Indonesia Who’s Checking a Heavy Rar file,
Inpag Finding Solutions From the Previous V 3.1 that First Use This Feature Highly Potent
For detection of the week with Foreign Antivirus. Inpag Realtime Protection
Able To Protect You:
- From the Archive file in Exract [Any File Which Will In Exract
In Check By inpag Good That Winrar, Winzip, 7zip and Other "]
- File A On the Copy [If a Virus Found When Using Conducting transfer and
One will detect File File bervirus Inpag Such Selfless]

9. Standard Realtime Protection
As his case a Simple Local Antivirus, Standard Realtime Check It To Be
Each folder in the Enter The And Then Detect Virus File Viruses If you find that folder.

10. Utilities Inpag
For this Inpag Tool, Works For figuring “Game Center. Setting Privacy for Police And Everything “The Want In Edit in Regedit”

11. Firewall Protection
This feature is very rare in indonesian Antivirus, And Inpag Using this feature order
The User Inpag Can Far From Spyware and Rootkits.
Which is still active and connected to the Internet for Downloading New Virus From Spy & Rootkits.

12. URL Block
For Security System For Safer Browsing, It’s Also Good To Function
In Child Porn Site distancing “Under Age, Tool It Also Works For figuring” Game Center

13. Folder Lock
Folder Lock for Securing Your Important Data That Has, Remember
In Use When you do not understand the use of his structure.

14. Exception File / Folder
Exceptions to RTP Detection In File / Folder

15. On-Screen Keyboard
This feature can keep you from System Keylogger Spyware

16. Submit Virus
You No Need To Visit Our Web Upload To Perform Virus Sample Inpag Able To detect them, you Sit Stay Calm, Select File and Submit to Lab Inpag ‘.

17. Auto Scan
scan system, an automatic check for files that can not be in check and auto scan helps you to find a virus that is able to manipulate

18. Section Heur [ NEW ]
Now Inpag The contrast with New Features, this feature is the detection of the Accurate And Very Fast, Different From Other Heuristics, It’s Like With PE Heuristic Yet Again Faster detect them. You Can Tell It’s Very Powerful Features for viruses Though Not Guaranteed Accuracy Analysis And Much, Much False Postiv But It’s able to protect you from Virus Attacks State

Changelog :


Spoiler title

Changes in Ver.

Apa Yang Baru?

- Perbaikan Pada Notice

- Perbaikan Pada Apply/Refresh Tweak ” Semakin Simpel Dengan FS Alogarithm”

- Percobaan Update Cek Tanpa Di Suspend Oleh Av Luar

- Tab Menu Dengan Hold Tarcking

- Progresbar Buatan Sendiri | Calkulasi Ok | Value OK|

- Heuristic Baru

- Penambahan Deteksi Virut 2 Variant Baru…

- Sality.B Suspected

Penambahan Kumpulan Penyerang File

* Trojan.A

* Trojan.A -> Part 2

* Troxa.A

* Troxa.Fusion

* Sality

* Virut

30 Penambahan Detek si Virus Injeksi/Menular


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